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Hello everybody, we’ve been making a lot of changes, everything from server and transmitter moves to domain additions and frequency changes. We still see you’re all out there, so we would like to just say thank you for sticking with us through all this. Be sure to download our latest Android app, if you have an IOS/Apple device you can find us on most radio station sites that offer IOS app’s. Just do a search for “The Big Skull” on Google, you’ll find us.

Take care people and ROCK ON…

The Big Skull

The Big Skull Prepares To Syndicate Pirate Signal- old

So aside from our Ohio transmitters running test loops on 90.3 FM we now have the Los Angeles transmitter, we will be on 101.5 FM Saturday nights, hopefully we can get all the details worked out within the next few weeks, this is a 4000sq mile coverage area when converted from radius and for a pirate signal in Los Angeles, CA that’s damn good. Still working on other signals in other areas such as 95.7 FM Dallas, TX and 102.1 FM Seattle, WA to name a couple. We would like to say thank you to everybody involved in helping us push our signal across the states, we appreciate the signal and devotion much more than you could ever imagine and look forward to returning the favor.

The Big Skull

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