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Welcome to the home of The BIG SKULL. All of us here have been in the local music scene for a couple decades and have a lot of insight on how this industry works and how it sometimes fails good hard working artists by leaving them behind, a lot of talent goes unnoticed because the artists simply didn't have any exposure nor the funds to gain exposure. Here at The BIG SKULL we do our very best to connect your music with the right ears. We are a live manned station broadcasting in over 50 places on the internet as well as live radio broadcasts in several regions excluding Ohio, (Never crap where you eat- Rule #1 of Pirate Radio) . With that said you can see how we have something good to offer local artists. Any artists wanting to land air play on our site can do so by registering for an account on our site and uploading their MP3 files to our servers via the upload link presented after login. Once music has been uploaded it will be reviewed by a real person to ensure it's suitable for air play, once approved the music will go into our regular play rotation and will start being played worldwide on The BIG SKULL. Not only do we help artists be heard but we also promote events for any venue that supports local talent. The best part of using The BIG SKULL to gain exposure is that it's FREE. Being musicians ourselves we understand how hard it is to get ahead, we know that artists have #1 hits hidden under their belt all the time but you'll never hear it played on commercial radio because the right person didn't hear it, that is what we are working hard to change, we have long arms and lots of connections and will utilize all of them in an effort to getting unsigned local talent heard on a non worldwide level. The BIG SKULL offers commercial Classic Rock, Metal, Death Metal, Punk, Alternative and more mixed with local music 24/7 along with local news and updates on events near you. We offer live in depth interviews with local talent, if your band is looking to do an interview or play live you can contact The BIG SKULL for information on how to get a date and time setup for that. We have a fully working recording studio which we use to allow artists to play live on the air, so no fear of sounding like dirt. Don't wait around for our rotation to fill up, get registered and get your music submitted now.


Getting Your Music On The Air

Getting your music into The BIG SKULL's play rotation and on the air is pretty simple and straight forward,. The first thing you want to do is make sure you have a good usable copy of your music, studio recordings are a huge plus but not a requirement, basically just don't assume that a terrible cell phone audio clip is suitable for air play, we reserve the right to deny air play to anyone we feel does not fit the format, there are things we just refuse to promote such as HATE.



Venues Promote FREE

If you are a venue who offers live entertainment by local talent you can promote your events, shows, nightly schedule etc. free of charge. This is our way of saying Thank You for supporting local talent. Contact us today to find out more.



The BIG SKULL is an internet radio station & an AM & FM broadcast station.



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